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Hannah Connolly's debut LP From Where You Are was released in 2020, soon to be followed by her forthcoming second record, Shadowboxing.

From Where You Are was a deeply moving personal meditation on loss. In some ways, Connolly's second record picks up where it left off. Although Shadowboxing is lighter both sonically and thematically, the songs come from a place of growth and resilience, reflecting on coming of age, long distance love and making art in the modern world.


While preparing for the release of Shadowboxing, Connolly recorded a re-imagined cover of Billy Joel's classic song 'Vienna'. The track was discovered by a music curator on TikTok in January of 2023 and has since reached over 1 Million plays on Spotify. With comments about Connolly's unique Dolly-Parton-like vocals, the audience for her original music also began to grow.

In the months that followed, Connolly released two new singles, Reno (June 2023) and Bags Are Packed (August 2023). She is currently preparing for the release of her second full-length album, Shadowboxing, which is slated for early 2024.

"Hannah Connolly is a breath of fresh air for the Folk/Country scene showing off her graceful vocals and uplifting music, acting as a resurgence for classic country twang and great storytelling."- American Songwriter

Live at AmericanaFest

Interstate 88
Thursday, Sept. 21st
12:30 pm - 12:55 pm
The Eighth Room

Featuring: Hannah Connolly, Parker Millsap, Caleb Caudle, Jaimee Harris, Afton Wolfe, ISMAY, Jake Ybarra, Jeshua Marshall, Keturah Allgood, Marina Rocks, Paul Howard and Teni Rane
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